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NECO is is just an acronym that has its full meaning as “National Examination Council”. NECO Runs is what is popular mostly in Nigeria which gives the student the ability to pass with a flying colors.

Let me tell you a myth about NECO RUNS. NECO Runs in the year 1967 Was know as National Examination Council which was introduced by Mike Abel Rumminda from Rivers State Nigeria where it was first taken in 1968. After NECO Was Taken in a Place called Rumokoro in Rivers State, It was accepted by all verified bodies to to be done as NECO Runs all over the schools in Nigeria with the sole aim of providing answers to all National Examination Council (NECO) Candidates so that anyone one writing NECO in 2023 or upwards can be able to write it and pass the exam once.

In the year 1969, NECO Runs went across other states in Nigeria that it was done in schools. I wouldn’t forget to tell you at this junction that before the introduction of Neco Runs in Nigeria by  Mike Abel Rumminda from Rivers State in 1967, It was already been conducted in schools where pupils are allowed to take phone inside the exam hall so they can get NECO ANSWERS either from the ONLINE ANSWER PAGE or ON WhatsApp or as Text Message. In 1970, Best Exam Runs dealers and Website owners started creating WhatsApp groups for NECO Runs and started sharing the Whatsapp Group links to all people Taking the exams.

Later in the year 1971, NECO Official website was built by Peter Onuwa, who also built

Abel died in the year 1977 after he hard made NECO Expo known in almost all the states in Nigeria. NECO Runs is not what can be abolished easily in Nigeria because Verified Expo Sites like are working hard to see that students gets NECO answers midnight or hours to the exam and at times even a day to the exam. 

The National Examination Council (also known as NECO) is an examination body in Nigeria that conducts the Senior Secondary Certificate Examination and the General Certificate in Education in June/July and November/December respectively.

When the NECO Registrar emerged immediately after the official NECO EXPO SITE Launched in 2013, He tried to stop it claiming that it will contribute to the level of Exam malpractice in Nigeria but by the time NECO WHATSAPP VIP Groups has already established making sending NECO Verified Answers to WhatsApp groups for candidates taking NECO Easier, this impose great treat towards stopping it thereby making is quite impossible.

NECO ANSWERS PIN: NECO Answers PIN was introduced in 2014 by Onuwa Peter O. in order to make the sending of NECO answers Much easier. He made it possible for NECO Candidates to view their Exam answers from the Trusted NECO EXPO Portals and WhatsApp Groups at least hours before the exams. With the PIn and Links normally referred to “Password/Link” by candidates, candidates can be able to use it to get NECO Dumbs from legit Expo sites Answer Pages all over the internet.

NECO Answer password did not just help candidates in getting the answers easily without stress, but it helps candidates not to fail NECO Exams and Never to retake.

in May 2015, Examplant top as the no. 1 exam runs website in Nigeria. After Examplant ranked the best Exam Runs website in the country Nigeria, Others Websites like CEEBOOK, EXAMLOADED, EXPOTAB etc couldn’t get candidates again because they couldn’t deliver as examplaza delivers 100% verified answers.


This is question most candidates ask on daily basis. The only way to get NECO Answers is by subscribing with by chatting them or WhatsApp via 09137422899.

neco expo whatsapp group link: neco expo whatsapp group link was introduced in 2015 by Examplant in order to make sending of answers to candidates on group chat much easy. with neco expo whatsapp group link, candidates can get their answers directly from whatsapp without going online in exam answer page.

neco expo 2023: neco expo 2023, NECO 2023 is the current exam that will be taking very soon. with neco expo 2023, you can pass 2023 NECO Exam with most trusted Exam Runs Website in the world. The reason why it is only a trusted Exam runs website can make you pass NECO Exam is because they provide verified Answers before the exam starts.

neco expo english 2023: neco expo english 2023 is an assistance on English Language that can make you pass English Language Exam on 2023 NECO exam. With neco expo english 2023, You shouldn’t be afraid of failing ENGLISH LANGUAGE in 2023 because neco expo english 2023 gets you covered.

neco expo whatsapp group: This is how neco expo whatsapp group links like like ***********, so if you’re interested in get  NECO EXPO 2023 QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS, Look for   BEST NECO EXPO 2023 QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS WEBSITES that supply NECO EXPO 2023 QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS.


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