Facebook rolls out a Messenger App just for Kids

facebook messenger app for kids download

It’s no surprise that kids are using technology at a very young age these days, and the main part of that is just to communicate effectively with close friends and family, most kids usually do communicate with friends and loved one’s via Tablets or iPod that don’t have SIM Card Slots.

Yes, apps like Face-time or Hangout are also perfect for the deal but most of them offer less of the kind of control parents want -especially for really young kids-. However, Facebook has come up with a  very perfect solution, It’s called Messenger Kids and eyes, it’s just a standalone child-friendly Messenger app with full parents control.

Hey, don’t balk at the idea of having your little kids sign up on Facebook, the Messenger Kids and eyes app does not require a Facebook account, email address or even a phone number to sign up. The Facebook Messenger Kids and eyes app makes complete use of the parent’s Facebook account to setup the child’s Messenger Kids account.


Messenger Kids app is available for preview in the US starting from today. It’s going to be up for download or available for iOS users only at launch, but the Messenger Kids app will roll out to Android users for download later this Month.


A very good question to ask. Here’s how it works, after downloading the Messenger Kids app, you must authorize the messenger kids app with the Parent’s own Facebook Account in order to gain access. Now, you can create a Messenger Kid’s account for your child with his/her first and last name, the main reason i love the Facebook Messenger Kids app is because they can chat and communicate with loved ones and friends with complete privacy; their names will not be publicly searchable on Facebook, Oh and don’t worry Messenger Kids is also ad-free.


Like i said earlier, Facebook Messenger kids app provides extreme privacy, the only way your kids can do that is through you. The parents are the only people who can add contacts for their kids. But let’s say your child wants to befriend other children, like his classmate Sam, on Messenger Kids, in this case the Parent’s have to be Facebook friends with Sam’s parents.

If Sam is already on Messenger Kids, you’ll see his name under his parent’s name so you can add him as a friend to your child. Also, Sam’s parents will then have to approve your contact request in order to add your child to Sam’s friends list.

Obviously, parent’s can likewise remove Messenger Kids contacts whenever from their own friend’s list, and the kid can’t reestablish a friend list that have been expelled. Over that, Messenger Kids has report and square controls inside the application itself, so children can report and piece individuals on the off chance that they need.

Furthermore, whenever a kid reports anybody, their folks will get a notice telling them about it. Loren Cheng, an item director at Facebook who drove the Messenger Kids venture, said that the organization really has a committed group at Facebook who takes a gander at all the reports, and will proactively boycott any friend’s list that is viewed as unsafe.

With respect to the application itself, it’s intended to be outwardly situated. The home screen has enormous thumbnail alternate ways to visit contacts like loved ones, with a substantial accentuation on continuous video talk. “Children extremely like constant correspondence,” said Cheng.

“They need to be at the time, forward and backward […] Kids consider correspondence to be play.” obviously, Messenger Kids likewise takes into consideration typical content based interchanges also, much the same as standard Messenger.


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Facebook revealed to us that it went to considerable lengths to connect with kid advancement specialists, for example, the National PTA, the Center of Media and Child Health, the American Association of Pediatrics and numerous more as a feature of an Advisor Committee when creating Messenger Kids.

Credits: Engadget

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