JAMB CBT: 2023 JAMB EXPO – The best way to score between 250 – 350 + in 2023 JAMB

This is Our JAMB EXPO RUNS Subscription Page.

Here are a few things you have to know about before you proceed with our JAMB CBT Runs Service Subscription: 

For past answers, visit examplant.com/pasts.php

Whenever you subscribe with us, PLEASE ensure that your details are correctly uploaded to our server, you can verify by visiting examplant.com/subscribers

Our Jamb Answers normally come at least 5-3hours to the exam or midnight in some cases.

To subscribe, pay into our account or Send MTN recharge card to our payment line on this page, together with your phone number, reg. number, subject(s) and exam type.


Phone: 09137422899

Subjects: English, maths…

Reg. Number: 564367HEF

Exam: Jamb

Do not discard your card or payment slip until you receive a confirmation message from us. If you pay into our FCMB account, we shall need payment slip photo or screenshot

Between 5-3 hours to your exam time on your exam date, you will need to extract your Jamb CBT answers from our Jamb CBT Extractor Software, APP or direct from our server at examplant.com/cbt-extractor-online

Once you insert your Reg. Number, your full details and answers will be extracted from the Jamb database.

Please note that you are not going to see the question, you will only see the answers according to the numbers.


1. ecosystem

2. 22(5×3)2

3. Adjectival Clause

looking at the different examples above, let’s assume that the example above is English Language, it is left for you to locate “ecosystem” in No. 1


1.  A community of living organisms in conjunction with the nonliving components of their environment, interacting as a system is called?

    A. Cloud.

    B. Ecosystem

    C. Rock

     D. Biosphere

looking at the different examples above, it is left for you to tick option which is for the ecosystem. You are not going to see 1.B, 2.C, 3.A, 4.reason because jamb shuffles the options, so to be in the safest side we upload words instead of options.

All eyes are on us, because of this, we shall end our subscriptions VERY SOON for security purpose.

We don’t need much crowd this time around for security purposes.

At times, when you call our number, it might be diverted, or not picked due to many numbers of calls. Please, we prefer text message & WhatsApp to calls.

Please after the closing date, DO NOT send any card to our number or deposit money into our account. No “Abeg Sir” this time.

Any site promising you 2023 Jamb Cbt Answers, make sure they use our site as their source unless you will be risking your future and your hard-earned money.

Do not be fooled, many will come and tell you that they will send you the answers on your computer, my dear anyone that is trying to convince you that he will send you answers on the computer or answer your Jamb questions for you on your computer is a PURE SCAMMER. This is not possible with Jamb, I repeat, THIS IS NOT POSSIBLE WITH JAMB.

I have seen a lot of scammers editing this Video below, using different voices trying to deceive you. This particular video is posted by youtube blogger trying to give you guidelines on how Jamb CBT looks like but is unfortunate that many scammers have been using it to scam people. You will hear them saying something like this “As you can see from the video, we have already answered your questions, you will wait like 55 munites before you submit” rubbish. my dear try and be wise, this is a hard time, please know how you guide your money before you fall victim to these scammers everywhere on the internet. If anyone sends you any video like this, go to google and search for it, you will see where they downloaded it from and edited it.

The original youtube like to the video above is https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rEBZ66undas, so if anyone has sent you the edited copy of this video, know it that is one of the scammers am talking about.

It will take examplaza nothing to edit this video and follow the scamming process because Nigerians like patronizing scammers more than legit people, but we can’t destroy the trust we have been building in people for the past 10 years.

Anyone telling you that Jamb answers will be sent to you a day before or mid-night is a scammer. I am telling you all these not to spoil anyone’s business but to let you know that not everyone you see online is ready to help. 95% are after your money and ready to scam.

Anyone that can not show to you up to five thousand proves of people he has helped in Jamb has nothing to offer. If anyone tells you that he is the right person to help you, ask the person to show you at least one thousand proves to make you believe. Most of them come to our reviews page, copy our image proves and edit them, do not fall a victim to all these hungry lions.

Whether they like it or not, Examplaza.com is the only site. Others are either they are partnering with us or they are scammers. If you are dealing with any of the sites partnering with examplaza.com, you are still on the safer side but since you don’t know who is really partnering with us, I would advise you to deal with the source since you are privileged to meet us now.

This is our 10 years of existence. We were once operating from the different servers before we moved to this current examplaza server. Though age does not matter, what matters is the level of trust one has built since someone can scam people even for over 20 years, so be guided.

If you have already patronized these scammers for 2023 Jamb Runs, and you don’t have the money to re-subscribe with us, chat us, we will extend the payment deadline for you so you could raise another money and subscribe with us.

Always use our official lines. Beware of scam. All Bank payments go to Mr. Onuwa’s FCMB, Zenith, Firstbank, Eco Bank accounts, and all recharge cards go to 09137422899


Our Updated Price List for 2023 JAMB EXPO EXAM:

Password/link package for 4 subjects per candidate: N4,500

Whatsapp package for 4 subjects: N5,000

SMS package for 4 subjects: N6,500

Password link package for V.I.Ps (All subjects – both science, arts all days, any number of candidates): Contact us for negotiation

Whatsapp group package for V.I.Ps (All subjects – both science, arts all days, any number of candidates) + Questions: Contact us for negotiation

Direct Mobile Payment Per Subject: N2,000

Link payment per subject: N1,500

Subscribe for 4 subjects once and get added to our Jamb V.I.P group for 2023.

Note: Prices increase as time goes. The earlier the better. Subscribe now, get added to subscribers group, relax and focus on other things.

If you are observant you will notice that the prices increased by 25% from last week, so as it will keep increasing.


 Password Link: This means that you are going to extract your answers from our online Jamb CBT answers Extractor. This plan requires a phone with a network. Once you receive a message like the one below and link from us normally 5hours to your exam hour, you can immediately use your Reg. No. to login to our extractor page or our android app or our Software for windows 10.

This is how the text message (SMS) looks like:
Dear Michael Ike Yakufu

You have a JAMB Exam today,

This is your reg number: 736266HEF Kindly proceed to examplant.com/cbt-extractor-online or download our android from our website to extract your answers.

Thank you for subscribing to us.

 Whatsapp Plan: If you choose this package, your answers will come directly to you on WhatsApp as a private message.

 Text Message/Direct Mobile Plan: This is a package suitable for people who want to use a small phone like a Nokia touch. With this, you don’t need the internet because all your answers will enter your phone as a text message.

 Per Subject: This is for people who want to subscribe either for 1 or 2 or 3 subjects instead of a normal subscription. If you have some subjects you want to subscribe to rather than your 4 subjects use this plan.


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