This robot therapy duck comfort kids with cancer

robot therapy duck comfort kids with cancer

It was really a breath of fresh air when a company called Sproutel and Aflac came up with a robot duck specially created to comfort kids or children with cancer. The My Special Aflac duck is not so different from other toy pets like the Aibo or Furby.

The My Special Aflac duck is cute, cuddly and also packed with sensors that allows it to interact with humans. – “Scratch under its chin and the duck will lift its head and let out an appreciative little quack”

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Kids analyzed at a youthful age regularly experience difficulty communicating how they feel. A choice of RFID empowered emoticon cards permit patients utilize the duck to reflect their own feelings.

There’s additionally a port-a-cath with a RFID chip so kids put on a show to give the duck chemotherapy as they’re experiencing treatment themselves.

The restorative play enables children to adapt to their own particular treatment by acclimating them with the procedure and influencing them to feel like they’re not experiencing only it.

The application likewise enables youngsters to construct their own particular universes loaded with alleviating encompassing sounds. They can investigate a woods loaded with a streaming stream and croaking frogs.

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The engines that motivate it to cuddle against you take into account genuinely exact development demonstrated on genuine ducks. Also, the speaker on top serves as a vibrational engine of sorts. So a youngster can hold the duck near them and feel its heart beat against them.

So far, Aflac and Sproutel have tried the duck with more than 100 kids. Be that as it may, this ought to be only the start. Aflac would like to get a My Special Duck in the hands of each one of the almost 16,000 kids determine to have malignancy in this nation consistently. It’s an aspiring objective, yet a commendable one.

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